Christmas Tree Font Frame CHR030

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You will download two version of the design - with and without motif background (6 files)
This is hand digitized machine embroidery design. Font is not included.

Available in 3 sizes:
4x4, 5x7, 6x10
with motif background:
3.12'' x 3.96'' (78 x 99 mm) stitches: 7530
4.8'' x 6.08'' (138 x 174 mm) stitches: 12805
5.52'' x 6.96'' (138 x 174 mm) stitches: 15794
without motif background:
2.92'' x 3.92'' (73 x 98 mm) stitches: 5462
4.4'' x 5.92'' (110 x 148 mm) stitches: 8378
5.08'' x 6.8'' (127 x 170 mm) stitches: 10034

Available in the following formats:

This is NOT a patch design. If you purchase this design please understand that you need an embroidery machine and software to use this.
Designs are copyrighted by EmbroideryLand. You may stitch these designs out on items for resale, but may not copy, trade, share, or alter the design itself. Hours of hard work and time has been put into these designs. Please respect our work. For more information please read our Terms and Conditions